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Food Safety Level 2 for Food Handlers

Endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality

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Overview: This Food Safety Level 2 course has been designed to help anyone who handles, prepares or serves food understand their legal responsibilities. It also introduces industry best practice for controlling food safety hazards, controlling temperatures, food storage, food preparation, personal hygiene and premises cleaning.

Key learning outcomes:

- Identity key aspects of the laws and regulations governing food safety

- Recognise the role of the EHO

- Recall how to appeal a Food Hygiene rating

- Recall how bacteria grows and spreads

- Identify controls that prevent bacteria growing

- Recognise the 14 allergens

- Identify how to assist a customer with an allergy

- Recognise the importance of temperature controls

- Identify the correct way to wash your hands and when it is applicable

-Identify the key components of HACCP

- Recall how paperwork and documentation keep the food business safe and legal

Course Length: 1 hour

Assessment: After completing all sections of the course the learner can access a quiz consisting of 10 questions taken from a randomised bank of over 30. The pass mark is set at 100% and if the learner fails to answer a question correctly they can choose to end the assessment early and retry.

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