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Technical Skills

Project Management for Non-project managers 

More often than not we are finding elements of project management creeping into our every day roles, whether that is scoping out a task, managing resources or planning works to achieve a deadline. This course is for people who have project management as one of several bullet points in their job description - it won't make you a fully fledged project manager but it will set you up with what you need to manage a team to complete their deliverables. 

This course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Screen Capture Skills

This software agnostic online programme is for people just staring out in creating instructional videos, screen captures and recorded presentations. It is ideally placed for members of your training delivery team who want to expand their skillset.

This blended programme will take approximately 5-8 hours to complete. 

This course takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

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